About Rubber Spare Parts Divison

AMRIT OVERSEAS- Rubber Spares Division engaged in the manufacturing, sales & distribution of Moulded Rubber Spares & Metal to Rubber Bonded Spares for Earthmover, Automobile and Industrial applications. Our entire product range portrays the unique strength of resistance to high temperature, flexibility, extreme weather conditions and abrasion. Our diversified product range includes Engine Mountings, Cabin Mountings, Valve Block Mountings, Window Stopper Rubber, Radiator Mountings, Centre Support Bearing Rubbers & Assembly’s, Centre Shaft Couplings, Exhaust/Silencer Rubbers Hangers, Shocker Bushes, Coil Spring Pads, Silent Block Bushes, Grommets, Clutch Boots, Anti Vibration Mountings, Ribbed Mats and Bellows etc.

We are specialized in manufacturing customized products as per the specifications provided by the customer. Our customized products are always reasonably priced to suit the requirements of our esteemed customers in totality.

Bleed Valve & Gaskets
Hydraulic Filter O-Ring Kit
Hydraulic Tank Gasket
Hydraulic Tank Gasket Old
Diesel Tank Gasket
Front Hub Gasket
Transmission Stainer Gasket
Engine & Cabin Mounting
Cabin Mounting
Engine Mounting 1
Engine Mounting 2
Bucket O-Rings & Oil Cooler Couplings
O-Rings & Couplings - Hitachi
O-Ring 196

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